Walt Disney World Hidden History – Second Edition now on sale (print and Kindle)

Four years after its initial publication, the book Walt Disney World Hidden History has undergone an update. This book tracks Disney “hidden history” — remnants of former attractions and tributes to Imagineers as well as other Disney officials — hiding in plain sight in the parks. The second edition of the book has now been released with 164 new entries, almost doubling the amount of remnants and tributes discussed.


Whether tribute or remnant, each item discussed starts with something visible in today’s parks; the idea is that this is something you could visit and see with your own eyes, and then appreciate the historical thinking behind it. For the first time, this edition now includes a photo of every item discussed so you’ll know what to look for.

Also new: the photos are presented in full color. This will make your “treasure hunting” in the park much easier!

To give you an idea of what kind of material is found in the book, the first few pages have been re-created (with slightly different formatting) in this online sample.

The back of the book includes chapters on tributes and remnants at Downtown Disney, the water parks, and Walt Disney World’s hotels, as well as similar items found at Universal Orlando’s park. There’s a timeline of WDW attractions, giving a complete list of when everything opened and closed.

A helpful index (see online version) at the back provides quick reference.

The book has been formatted into a large-format softcover, 8×10 inches, with full-color photos throughout all 141 pages.

The Kindle version costs $6.99 (keep in mind that you can read a Kindle book on PC or Mac even without a Kindle device–the software itself is free). The Kindle version keeps everything from the print version except the formatting, since Kindle allows users to re-size fonts, so photos have to be centered and live as their own paragraphs. All the pictures are here, and in fact many have been enlarged since “fitting on the page” isn’t a concern any more.

The print version has a list price of $24.99, but Amazon frequently runs discounts. As of this writing, it’s on sale for $17.89. As an added bonus, anyone buying the print version gets the Kindle download completely free! Maybe something to think about as a Christmas or birthday present: keep the digital copy for yourself and give the paper copy to someone else?

Below is a complete list of the 162 items added to the second edition, followed by a tiny selection of the photos in the book. Remember these are just the additions and do not include the 200+ entries already part of the first edition of the book (but color photos of older items have been added, too).

Magic Kingdom

  1. Magic Kingdom opening year at Camber of Commerce
  2. Walt’s birth year tribute at Town Square Theater
  3. Fred Moore, Ward Kimball, and Wilfred Jackson tributes at Town Square Theater
  4. Disney exec Scott Tilley tribute at Town Square Theater
  5. Animator Bill Justice tribute at Town Square Theater
  6. Journey into Imagination tribute at Town Square Theater
  7. Disney parks tributes at Town Square Theater
  8. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit tributes (Main Street and Fantasyland)
  9. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride tribute at Town Square Theater
  10. Mary Poppins tributes at Town Square Theater
  11. Walt Disney Illusioneering tribute at Town Square Theater
  12. Imagineer Joyce Carlson tribute in Town Square Theater
  13. Park icons tributes at Town Square Theater
  14. Madame Leota tribute at Town Square Theater
  15. Mickey’s Toontown Fair remnant at Town Square Theater
  16. Imagineer Orlando Ferrante tribute on Main Street
  17. Closed rides tributes at SpaceMountain
  18. Imagineer Chuck Ballew tribute in Buzz Lightyear
  19. WDI address tribute at Carousel of Progress
  20. Dumbo remnant in Storybook Circus
  21. Park opening years tribute in Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak
  22. Casey Jr. at Disneyland tribute in Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak
  23. Disneyland opening year tribute at Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak
  24. Sorcerer’s hat tributes in Carousel of Progress
  25. Three tributes to Firehouse Five in Storybook Circus
  26. Carolwood Pacific tributes in Storybook Circus
  27. Luxo Ball tribute in Storybook Circus
  28. Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm tribute
  29. Imagineer Harper Goff tribute at Fantasyland DVC
  30. 20,000 Leagues tribute at Fantasyland DVC
  31. 20,000 Leagues tributes at Under the Sea
  32. Snow White’s Scary Adventures tribute at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  33. PhilHomes tribute in Bonjour Village Gifts
  34. Imagineer babies in Be Our Guest
  35. Imagineer Dorothea Redmon tribute at CinderellaCastle
  36. MK opening year tribute at HauntedMansion
  37. Imagineer Thurl Ravenscroft tribute at HauntedMansion
  38. Imagineer Rolly Crump tribute at HauntedMansion
  39. Imagineer Harper Goff tribute at HauntedMansion
  40. Imagineering tribute at Hall of Presidents
  41. Rainbow Ridge tribute at Shooting Gallery
  42. Park opening year tribute near Diamond Horseshoe
  43. Second tribute to Walt’s grandfather in Frontierland
  44. Imagineer Tony Baxter tribute at Big Thunder
  45. Western River Expedition tribute at Big Thunder
  46. Magic Kingdom opening year tribute at Big Thunder
  47. Disneyland opening date tribute at Big Thunder
  48. Tiki Room tribute at Big Thunder
  49. Rainbow Caverns tribute at Big Thunder
  50. Mile Long Bar tribute at Big Thunder
  51. El Pirata y el Perico remnant in Tortuga Tavern
  52. Pirates of the Caribbean movie prop remnants at CaribbeanPlaza
  53. Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure tribute at CaribbeanPlaza
  54. Orange Bird tributes at Sunshine Tree Terrace
  55. Oasis remnant at Jungle Cruise
  56. SpectroMagic remnant in Festival of Fantasy parade


  1. Carousel of Progress parents on Spaceship Earth
  2. Luxo Jr. Pixar logo tribute at Spaceship Earth
  3. Universe of Energy logo tribute at Ellen’s Energy Adventure
  4. Mission: Space opening year tribute at Mission: Space
  5. Crash test dummy tribute at Test Track
  6. World of Motion logo tribute at Test Track
  7. What’s Your Problem exhibit remnant at Innoventions
  8. Soarin’s opening year tribute at the Land
  9. Imagineers Tom Fitzgerald and Marty Sklar tributes at Imagination
  10. Kodak sponsorship remnant at Imagination
  11. Magic Journeys remnant at Imagination
  12. Communicore logo tribute at Fountain View
  13. Sinkhole remnants at World Showcase
  14. Imagineer Blaine Gibson tribute in American Adventure
  15. Imagineer Bob McCarthy tribute in American Adventure
  16. La Signature remnant in France
  17. Impressions de France film crew tributes in France
  18. Totem pole remnants in Canada pavilion


  1. Cover Story remnant on Hollywood Blvd.
  2. Costumers tribute and remnant on Hollywood Blvd.
  3. Imagineer Diego Parris tribute on Sunset Blvd
  4. Tower of Terror movie tribute on Sunset Blvd
  5. Preshow remnant at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
  6. Imagineering telephone number at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
  7. Here Come the Muppets remnant at Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  8. Disneyland Jungle Cruise tribute at Magic of Disney Animation
  9. Disney Afternoon tribute at Magic of Disney Animation
  10. Harrison Hightower tribute at Magic of Disney Animation
  11. Tiki Room actors tribute at Magic of Disney Animation
  12. Mortimer Mouse tribute at Magic of Disney Animation
  13. Sunset Blvd opening year second tribute
  14. NBC Pipes tribute at MuppetVision
  15. Here Come the Muppets remnant in Stage One Store
  16. Glendale tribute in Great Movie Ride
  17. Agent William Morris tribute in Great Movie Ride
  18. WDW opening year tribute at Indy Stunt Spectacular
  19. Starship Enterprise and James Kirk tributes at Star Tours
  20. IG-88 tribute at Star Tours
  21. Star Wars movie dates tribute at Star Tours
  22. Fantasy in the Sky tribute at Star Tours
  23. Tom Morrow tribute at Star Tours
  24. Imagineer Tony Baxter tribute at Star Tours
  25. Captain Rex remnant at Star Tours
  26. Robot bird remnants at Star Tours
  27. TK421 tributes at Star Tours
  28. Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald tribute at Star Tours
  29. Seventy-One luggage scan tributes at Star Tours
  30. R2MK tribute at Star Tours
  31. K-DROID tribute at Star Tours
  32. WDW opening date tribute at Star Tours
  33. Alison Janney tribute at Star Tours
  34. Imagineer Jenny Mulholland tribute at Star Tours
  35. PeopleMover tribute at Star Tours
  36. Star Tours (original version) tributes at Star Tours
  37. Mighty Microscope tribute at Star Tours
  38. Imagineer Steve Spiegel tribute at Star Tours
  39. Tomorrowland 1998 tribute at Star Tours
  40. A113 tribute on Streets of America
  41. Chicago remnant in Streets of America
  42. Disney-MGM remnants at Backlot Tram Tour
  43. The Lottery remnant at Backlot Tram Tour
  44. Adventurers Club remnants at Backlot Tram Tour
  45. Goosebumps remnant at Streets of America
  46. Splash Too tribute at Streets of America
  47. Looney Bin remnant at Prop Shop
  48. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride tribute at Streets of America
  49. Animator Bill Peet tribute at Streets of America
  50. STOLport tribute at Streets of America
  51. Dan Summers tribute at Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights
  52. Jennings Osborne tributes in Streets of America
  53. Toy Story Parade remnants in Pizza Planet
  54. Star of the Day remnants in Mama Melrose
  55. Disney-MGM opening year tribute at Backlot Tour
  56. Luxo Jr animatronic remnant in PIXAR Place
  57. Granny’s Cabin remnant in One Man’s Dream
  58. Dancing Man remnant in One Man’s Dream
  59. Walt’s office remnant in One Man’s Dream
  60. Imagineer Mary Blair tribute in One Man’s Dream
  61. Horizons remnant in One Man’s Dream


  1. Quest of the Unicorn tribute at parking lot
  2. Imagineer Joe Rohde’s third tribute, located at Tusker House
  3. Park opening year second tribute, at Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
  4. Affection Section remnant at Wildlife Express Train
  5. Kids Discovery Club remnant behind Tree of Life
  6. Earth Day tribute in Dinosaur
  7. Original finale remnant in Dinosaur
  8. Dinosaur Jubilee remnant in Dinosaur
  9. Lawrence Frank tribute in Pangani Forest Exploration
  10. Tiger Rapids Run tribute in Kali River Rapids
  11. Imagineer construction tribute at Kali River Rapids
  12. Chakranadi Chicken Shop second remnant near Yak & Yeti
  13. Imagineer Daniel Jue tribute at Expedition Everest
  14. Imagineer Joe Rohde’s fourth tribute in the park, at Expedition Everest

Wider WDW

  1. Creator of Luna Park tribute at BoardWalk Inn
  2. Imagineer Mary Blair tribute at Contemporary Resort
  3. Father of the Bride movie tribute at Wedding Pavilion
  4. Woodpecker Lane tribute at Epcot
  5. Mogul Mania remnant at BlizzardBeach
  6. Adventurers Club remnants at D-Street
  7. First balloon from Characters in Flight remnant at Downtown Disney
  8. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim remnant at DisneyQuest
  9. Treasure of the Incas remnants at DisneyQuest
  10. CakeCastle tribute at DisneyQuest
  11. Earl of Sandwich opening day tribute at Earl of Sandwich
  12. Disney fan Steve Barrett tribute at All Star Sports

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