Van Eaton Galleries: Remembering Disneyland book

Three times now, the private Van Eaton Galleries has hosted auctions for Disneyland memorabilia. Today is the third one, called Remembering Disneyland. It’s become quite the cottage industry for this auction house.


Each time, the auction was accompanied by an exhibition. Since I don’t live in California any more, I haven’t attended. But fortunately, they also sold high-quality exhibition books, in both softcover and hardcover. They haven’t been cheap – $50 for the first two auctions, $30 for today’s – but by golly they are phenomenal and worth probably twice the price (especially in the aftermarket).

The earlier auction books are now out of print. I compare them to the famous Nickel Tour book: high quality overall, photos of tons of things you don’t normally see, and a walk down memory lane.


Many of the items are ephemera, which perhaps isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly is mine! Having it all in a book is almost as good as owning the tickets, napkins, cups, etc yourself, all in one handy, easy-to-store package.


If any of this is interesting to you, you’ll want to buy the book now before it goes out of print too! They are among my most treasured possessions in our Disney library.

Buy the current book here:




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