Unlimited Pie Buffet satisfies as always

This past weekend was the Pie Celebration, a multi-pronged, multi-faceted, and even multi-location event in Kissimmee and nearby areas. There’s a full pie-baking contest and an entire convention wrapped around the concept.


The highlight for many curious visitors is the unlimited pie buffet that takes place in the town of Celebration, right at Disney World’s doorstep. For $10/adult, you gain admission, two bottles of water, and all-you-can-eat pie from more than a dozen vendors, slice by slice.

It’s as simple as walk up, take a pie (or two or three) in its clamshell container, then move to the next table. Continue until your stack of clamshells is too unwieldy to add any more, then find a spot off to the side to start eating. There are some tables, but not enough, so many folks end up on the ground. The shade is particularly hard to find! Once you’re done with your pies so far, just get up and visit more tables, until you just can’t move any more. One friend ate 15 slices – this lowers the per-slice cost so far it’s unbelievable.

Our informal picks for the best-tasting this year: Publix cherry pie, Kroger French silk, and Kroger apple streusel.

The event also has vendors selling food and merchandise, plus there is always entertainment available, from inflatables for kids to portable ziplines one year.

IMG_7577 IMG_7589 IMG_7592 IMG_7613


Disclaimer: Ultimate Orlando received two complimentary wristbands to the pie buffet this year (plus two kids ones we didn’t use). In some past years, we have paid the admission fee ourselves.

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