Typo in Star Tours Aurebesh

This post is going to get geeky!

The Star Wars language, Aurebesh, is a (mostly) one-for-one substitution for regular English letters with new symbols. It comes from the movies, but the writing is all over Star Tours, especially after the refurbishment to the Adventures Continue.

Have a look at this image:


It comes from the crate holding G2-9T in the second queue room. The idea is that here in the past (set during the prequel trilogy), G29T represents future technology and is still a prototype, and defective. To follow the chronology fully, eventually he gets deployed to the Star Tours speeders (the original 1987 version of the ride), where of course he’s still defective.

The circled portion of the crate – added in postproduction – is what I want to focus on today. There was great care taken with this Aurebesh. Look at the end of the line. That symbol for colon (:) is properly supposed to be set low on the line, and they did just that. So someone was paying close attention to the details.

Except that they had trouble spelling one of those words that gives American schoolchildren headaches. The word, as spelled here in Aurebesh, is “RECIEVED:” – obviously a misspelling of “received”. The rule of “I before E, except after C” applies to the Star Wars universe as well!

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