Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular is Spectacularly Successful

Last night was the preview of the new DHS fireworks, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. DHS has had Star Wars-themed fireworks before, but this was the first time the fireworks included projection mapping on the Chinese Theater, and the results were glorious.

It’s more of a projection show than a fireworks extravaganza. I’d call it a projection show with pyro punctuation. But that’s OK – it need need massive explosions to manipulate emotions, which is was projection shows do best.

There are minor obstructions: stage trusses and trees, mostly, and sometimes I’d say the action on the “screen” is confusing and hard to see. But for all that, it’s an amazing show, and one I hope stays for years to come.


IMG_0673 IMG_0707 IMG_0735 IMG_0804 IMG_0849 IMG_0900 IMG_0996





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