Seven Dwarfs Mine Train interactive queue – first game spotted

Since we don’t read the spoilers and sneak peeks provided by Disney, we aren’t sure if Disney has released details already about the queue for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It does seem, based on a photo we snapped yesterday, that there will be at least one interactive game in the queue:

In a covered area near where the exit door is, you can see a large barrel-shaped structure made to look like wood. It’s blocking the lettering “VAULT” in the background from this angle, which is a reference to something from the movie:

IMG_7864 IMG_7866 IMG_7867

If you take a slightly different angle and zoom in very close, you can see the directions for an interactive game on a sign on that oversized barrel:


It reads:

Catch the jewels
as they float past
then match ‘em up
but ya gotta
work fast


I guess we’ll see soon exactly what this game is!

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