Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Homage to Snow White Ride

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is not open yet – nor have I been on the ride yet – but already from the signage we can spot a bit of Hidden History.

Have a look at this new sign for the strollers:

2014-04-26-7878See the bunnies facing each other? That’s actually an intentional homage to the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride in Fantasyland (the space now home to Princess Fairytale Hall).

For proof, look at this archive photo of the Snow White ride vehicles:

2014-04-26-7878bSee the front of the vehicle? It has two bunnies facing each other. Here it is closer:

2014-04-26-7878bcdAnd what’s that between the bunnies? It’s a butterfly. If the Imagineers wanted to be consistent, they’d find a way to incorporate the butterfly into the new ride as well. And so they did:

2014-04-26-7878bcThe bottom of the safety sign has that butterfly. And it has squirrels, which are on the SIDES of the old Snow White vehicles, too (scroll up to see them in red in the older image).

This is just another one of the many ways Imagineers use details to trick the visitor into thinking something is welcoming, familiar, and even nostalgic, even when it’s brand new.





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