Second Hidden Oswald Discovered at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

There’s a long tradition of “Hidden Mickeys” in the theme parks, and there are a few other Disney characters sometimes left for discovery as well (Hidden Minnie, Hidden Donald, etc).

Disney purchased the rights to (and ownership of) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a few years ago. Oswald was Walt’s first commercial success that was legally wrested from him (this action led to the creation of Mickey Mouse).


In celebration of welcoming Oswald back into the family, there’s a Hidden Oswald in New Fantasyland in the pavement, right in the middle of the walkway at the entrance of Enchanted Tales with Belle (it’s been there since that part of the land opened up, more than a year ago). See the elongated ears?



But did you know there’s a second Hidden Oswald? This one is more recent. It’s part of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and it’s very hard to see. You have to be looking at the right place at the right time to see it.


To find this Oswald, look to the left and up near the ceiling just as you reach the top of the lift hill (after the dwarfs’ mine, and right before the Big Drop). You’ll see a crossbeam near the ceiling on the left side, and Oswald is facing the direction you’re coming from (so you have to look “ahead” of your car slightly).

Now that you know where to find it, you’ll never be able to ride this attraction again without waving hello to Mickey’s ancestor!

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