Rosen Centre adds ice skating show, open skate, more

The Rosen hotels (Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre, Rosen Plaza) are stepping up their game for the Christmas season this year. There are ballet and tap performances, choirs, gingerbread events, Santa meets (and also meals), and even jazz nights. We were recently invited to see a preview of Rosen Centre’s newest offering, Holidays on Ice, a professional performance right out in their pool area.


The Rosen Centre is the hotel sandwiched between the two giant halves of the convention center, and it’s got the cavernous elegance you’d expect of such a place (this was my first visit inside). The skating area is outdoors, in a flat zone not far from the pool. It’s not a full ice-chilled rink. Rather, it uses artificial ice–some form of chemically-treated plastic–so the whole setup is extremely thin and unassuming-looking.

They’ll have “open skate” night with rentals on weekends (11-4, $12/two hours including rental), so that’s an attraction right here in Orlando you don’t usually get. The arena isn’t full size, but it should be sufficient for a modest crowd.

The full ice skating show happens Thurs-Sunday until the end of December, and lasts 45 minutes. It features half a dozen professional performers in a mixture of group, solo, and partner activities, frequently set to music as you might expect. I appreciated the musical selection. Because the venue is more intimate than most ice skating shows, you’d want the songs to be more intimate too, and they did a good job with that. “Santa, Baby” is here, as are several other songs that feel more ‘fun’ than show-stopping. Not every show will switch from city sophisticates dating to a cowboy act a minute later, and it felt refreshing.

One segment stood out, where several performers started playing… ice skating performers (and not necessarily talented ones). On the one hand it was highly creative, I thought, and that too felt refreshing. I did find it an unusual choice to have the characters be portrayed as only mediocre talents; it gave me an inward cringe (though I am admittedly exactly the guy who avoids cringe-comedy like There’s Something About Mary). Still, the skit stuck with me as pretty memorable and definitely not your usual show.

We saw an abbreviated show, so I cannot comment on what the rest might be like. But even our 20 minute show had a lot of different acts and costume changes! They clearly wanted to keep things snappy.

The arena is fully outdoors, so that means whatever the Florida weather brings (and it seems highly variable this year!) dictates how much clothing you’ll need. It can, in fact, get chilly around here!

Check for more information or to buy tickets.

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