Review: “Going to Magic Kingdom” illustrated book

Author/illustrator Shannon Laskey, a California resident, has written a couple of amazing books about Disneyland and DCA. Called “Going to” guides, they specialize in tours of the parks done with kid-friendly full-color illustrations. There’s a disarming style here that is endearing for just about every audience–certainly including adult Disney fans!–and the books are a delight to page through. And now there’s one for the Magic Kingdom!


The formula from previous books is intact. The pages not only full-color, they are color-coded by section (so as you see pages before and after the section you have open now, you see blocks of green, lavender, pink, etc. Each individual page is not only in color, I’d go so far as to say they are colorful–in a “every page is a separate design” kind of way. That bespeaks an awful lot of love and care.


The overall color scheme combines with those charming/disarming illustrations (many of them steal elements of minimalist Japanese chibi “cute” style) to form an overall impression of approachability. Certainly kids love it. For me as an adult it feels like the sort of books Disney parks USED to sell so that you could remember the parks once you were back home. That, or It’s a Small World. Maybe both.


There are descriptions, fun facts, touring tips, and historical tidbits that will bring the whole thing alive.


This particular volume seems a bit heavier in maps than previous ones, but they aren’t the sort of maps that are designed to help you navigate the parks. This book is ideal for dreaming and plotting to visit the parks, to build suspense.


Or they would be dynamite for a family who just returned and is looking for a way to keep the magic alive.


The book is $24 at Amazon – with this much color and at this length (almost 200 pages), it’s a steal!

Here’s hoping the MK book is merely the start of a series on WDW parks! I would certainly love them, and to judge by Amazon comments and reviews, these are pretty universally popular. More please!

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