Remembering Superstar Limo (pics)

Superstar Limo was an opening-day attraction at Disney’s California Adventure, the Disneyland expansion that opened in February 2001. Roughly eleven months later, it became the first ride to close at DCA, and sat vacant for some time. It was not universally well-received by theme park visitors (many saw it as kitschy, boring, pointless, or even insulting). A few years later, the facility was renovated into a Monsters Inc. dark ride, using the same ride vehicles and track system, but dramatically new set design.

Here is a photo tour walkthrough of the entire experience, plus some of the merchandise for sale:

01-10-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-11-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-12-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-13-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-15-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-38-Superstar Limo Feb10$39 01-39-Superstar Limo Feb10$36 01-40-Superstar Limo Feb10$35 01-41-Superstar Limo Feb10$37 01-42-Superstar Limo Feb10$38 01-43-Superstar Limo Feb10$41 01-44-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-50-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-55b-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-55-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-56-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-57-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-58-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-59b-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-59-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-60-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-65-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-66-Superstar Limo Feb10$44 01-70-b-Superstar Limo Feb10$12 01-70-Superstar Limo Feb10$12 01-72b-Superstar Limo Feb10$12 01-72c-Superstar Limo Feb10$12 02-02a-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-02b-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-02c-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-03-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-05-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-15-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-20-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-22-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-29-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-30-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-31-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-32-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-33b-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-35b-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-35-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-55a-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 02-55b-Superstar Limo Aug06$47 03-05-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 03-10-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 03-20-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 03-30-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 03-87-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 03-88-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 04-02-Superstar Limo Aug06$49 04-04-Superstar Limo Aug06$49 04-05-Superstar Limo Aug06$49 05-05-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-07-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-10-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-40-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-50-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-60-Superstar Limo Feb10$03 05-90-Superstar Limo Feb10$04 06-03-Superstar Limo Dec04$02 06-06-Superstar Limo Dec04$02 06-08-Superstar Limo Dec02$05 06-10-Superstar Limo Dec04$02 06-20-Superstar Limo Dec04$02 06-40-Superstar Limo Dec04$02 08-70-Superstar Limo Feb10$06 08-90-Superstar Limo Feb10$06 08-95-Superstar Limo Feb10$06 08-98-Superstar Limo Aug06$52 09-02-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-03-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-04-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-06a-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-06b-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-07-Superstar Limo Dec03$12 09-09-Superstar Limo Aug06$52 10-10-Superstar Limo Feb10$31 10-90b-Superstar Limo Dec02$08 11-66-Superstar Limo Aug06$55 11-69-Superstar Limo Aug06$55 11-87-Superstar Limo Aug06$55 11-90-Superstar Limo Aug06$55 12-10-Superstar Limo Dec04$05 12-30-Superstar Limo Dec04$05 12-90-Superstar Limo Dec04$05 13-03-Superstar Limo Dec02$09 13-13b-Superstar Limo Dec02$09 14-50-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-52-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-54-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-60-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-62-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-70-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-80-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-89-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-90-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 14-95-Superstar Limo Dec03$15 15-10-Superstar Limo Feb12$48 15-20-Superstar Limo Feb12$49 15-25-Superstar Limo Feb12$49 15-27-Superstar Limo Feb12$49 15-30-Superstar Limo Feb12$50 15-40-Superstar Limo Feb12$51 15-50-Superstar Limo Feb12$51 15-60-Superstar Limo Feb12$51 15-70-Superstar Limo Feb12$51 15-80-Superstar Limo Feb12$51

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