Owen Pope house at Disneyland – photos

As part of the expansion into Star Wars Land, Disneyland is removing several backstage buildings, support offices, and so-called “temporary” structures. Part of this is the Circle-D Corral, which is the backstage facility used since 1955 to house the horses and ponies needed onstage at Disneyland. And the main person responsible for those animals, Owen Pope, had his own house at Disneyland. The Pope House is also finally being moved to make room for Star Wars.

We celebrate here by showing you photos of Circle-D and the Pope House as seen around 2000/2001. To help you situate it, think of this house as being “just over the berm/hill” where the Disneyland Railroad goes, as seen from the Festival Center and Big Thunder BBQ.

A major function of Circle D, as you’ll see, was to store old Disneyland vehicles, some of which haven’t been seen in decades. Enjoy!

house by Festival Arena IM001038 Sep11$22 Sep11$25 Sep11$26Circle D DSCN2064 Circle D DSCN2065 Circle D DSCN2066 Circle D DSCN2067 Circle D DSCN2071 Circle D DSCN2075 Circle D DSCN2078 Circle D DSCN2085 Circle D DSCN2086 Circle D DSCN2087 Circle D DSCN2088 Circle D DSCN2089 Circle D DSCN2090 Circle D DSCN2091 Circle D DSCN2092 Circle D DSCN2093 Circle D DSCN2095 Circle D DSCN2096 Circle D DSCN2099 Circle D DSCN2100 Circle D DSCN2101 Circle D DSCN2102 Circle D DSCN2103 Circle D DSCN2104 Circle D DSCN2105 Circle D DSCN2106 Circle D DSCN2108 Circle D DSCN2109 Circle D DSCN2110 Circle D DSCN2111 Circle D DSCN2112 Circle D DSCN2113 Circle D DSCN2114 Circle D DSCN2115 Circle D DSCN2116 Circle D DSCN2117 Circle D DSCN2118 Circle D DSCN2119 Circle D DSCN2120 Circle D DSCN2121 Circle D DSCN2122


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