DAK gets a new velociraptor today, but it’s NOT Lucky the Dino

There’s a post on WDWMagic that says a test of new atmosphere entertainment will start April 19 in Dinoland, including a human character and a velociraptor. At first this looked like Lucky the Dino may return – an animatronic that made its debut in Dinoland nine years ago (April 2005), staying in DAK for a few months before heading off to Hong Kong Disneyland. His wagon had a minor costume change by the end of his run at DAK. Lucky was notable for being the first animatronic to be able to “walk by itself” – though in fairness, it had a harness that helped stabilize it.

But information given to CMs points out that the new “V” character is brought to life differently than Lucky, so that’s pretty conclusive. We’ll have to see what “V” looks like and report on it soon!

In the meantime, I was motivated to dig old photos of Lucky out of the archives. Here are shots of Lucky as he appeared in April 2005 and July 2005:

Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5070 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5073 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5077 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5078 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5081 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5082 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5083 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5087 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5095 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5100 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5106 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5107 Lucky the dino 2005-04-24-5114 Lucky the dino 2005-05-01-5160 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7975 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7976 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7978 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7981 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7986 Lucky the Dinosaur 2005-07-02-7995


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