IAAPA 2015: recap and photos

It was another great IAAPA, the convention for the amusement business. Imagine a place where all the ride creators, food equipment vendors, arcade game makers, and every kind of business related to parks shows up. You’ve got mini golf, pan for gold, treehouses, ziplines, bounce houses, water slides, heck, even hand-washing equipment!

There’s often free food (I’m looking at you, Beaver Tails – and it was Disney who didn’t take them back to Epcot, not the other way around). Free desserts were common, too.

I say “free” but the event costs a fair amount of money to attend. It *is* open to the public, and you should consider going next year. But keep in mind also that it’s mostly there for business reasons. Buyers flock here to see what to buy, and exhibitors/vendors are very keen to make those buyer contacts. The public is allowed (assuming they’ve bought that expensive ticket), but isn’t really the priority.

It’s a zany, crazy day on the trade show floor – way too much to see in a single day, so expect to leave exhausted. But if you like the business of “fun”, you can’t go wrong with IAAPA.

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