Harambe Marketplace opens

Get ready to open your wallet, and feel grateful for the opportunity. Animal Kingdom has opened a new expansion to the Africa (Harambe) section with loads of food options, and unfortunately for our wallets, the culinary experience is divine.

Carved out of a formerly backstage zone, Harambe Marketplace essentially sits “behind” the primary store in the older section of Harambe, and can be thought of as an outdoor food court. The theming is highly intricate, as always for DAK, but the focus here frankly is the food.

Picture, if you will:


Curry corn dog sausage


Spice-rubbed short rib


Chicken skewer

Every single item we sampled was an out of the ballpark home run. Prices were in-line with theme parks, so nothing unusual there. I can’t imagine we will be skipping this area much in the coming years. If we’re in this corner of the park, we WILL be getting a snack.

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