Flamingo Crossings Starts Vertical Construction

The long-suffering Flamingo Crossings expansion, which was announced several years after plans leaked (yes, I take the blame on that one), never really had much work done. After the announcement, roads went in, but then work stopped entirely. The blame was laid on the economy.

After more than half a decade, work has started again. Springhill Suites are going up at Flamingo Crossings, just outside the nearby toll road. Will you stay at this (cheaper) resort? It’s extremely close to the WDW property, but so far, there is nothing nearby in terms of restaurants or other services. One assumes that will change (soon?).

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2 thoughts on “Flamingo Crossings Starts Vertical Construction

  1. I would stay there – definitely. With regards to nearby places to eat – until there are more (or any) options within Flamingo Crossings, all you need to do is jump on 429 and take the 192 exit – you’ve got Shula Burger, Chuy’s, Longhorn Steakhouse and several others near the exit not to mention Flamingo Crossings being close to the restaurants at Coronado Springs and the former world’s biggest McDonald’s. Heck, it’s really not that far of a drive to experience all the nice dining offerings at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or even the 3 food courts at the All Star resort hotels.

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