Cypress Gardens Tributes at Legoland

When Cypress Gardens closed and was bought by Legoland, many assumed at first that Legoland wanted the property and facilities, but would shut down the eponymous and famous botanical gardens. Not so; Legoland not only kept the garden corner, they renamed this area “Cypress Gardens” to commemorate the name of what was once the entire park, and installed a can’t-miss sign.

legoland 2011-12-23-4859

The gardens were left relatively untouched. The key attraction – an enormous banyan tree – is still there.

legoland florida 2011-10-14-6471

One element Legoland added, in fact, are human-sized LEGO figures that are meant to recall the iconic Southern Belles that were a symbol of Cypress Gardens for many years.

legoland 2011-12-23-4861


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