Confetti of Unusual Duration at the Very Final American Idol Experience

After five years, the American Idol Experience has been closed in DHS. The Superstar Television Theater is destined for other acts in the coming months, and Saturday Aug. 30 was the final performance.

The very last singer on stage turned out to also be the very last winner of the golden Dream Ticket: 14-year old Jessica Jarvis, who hit the minimum eligible age just two days ago (this kind of emotional story often gives a voting edge, and indeed she won).


Hosts and judges made no secret of this being the last show ever, with inside jokes common throughout the hour. And the packed house left no seats open. But the real giveaway that this was the final show ever came with the neverending parade of confetti when Jessica won. It seemed to go on way longer than usual – I guess they had to use it all up?

Congrats to the staff, the cast, and the guest performers over the years. It’s time for a new page for this theater. We saw the show many times, and while we liked its humor and pathos, we didn’t return often in recent years and understand the reasons for moving on.

Here are various other pictures of the final day of the American Idol Experience:

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IMG_2257 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2264 IMG_2270 IMG_2279 IMG_2306 IMG_2309 IMG_2312

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