Brickworld LEGO event delivers the goods

Imagine a conventions of sorts, where LEGO clubs from around the country gather to show off what’s they’ve built. There would be a couple dozen large table displays, many with scenes rather than individual creations. One very large central display would show much of Tampa. Add it all together, and it’s roughly the size of Miniland at Legoland. But it’s air conditioned (thank goodness!) and it’s only $12 to get in. Welcome to Brickworld 2015.

My personal favorite was a Rube Goldberg style contraption with a couple dozen individual LEGO structures, each designed to receive LEGO-sized soccer balls and “pass them forward” to the next structure. It was mesmerizing.

The other greatly delightful thing was seeing how many mashups were possible. There was a lot of Star Wars, but often they lived side by side with other fandoms in the setups.

The event is over for this year, but it’s worth checking out if it comes near you in the future!

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