Attractioneering: T-shirts and Disney-style pins with a twist

My good friends Steve Fox and Carise Pernell have launched a business selling t-shirts and lapel pins (similar to official Disney trading pins) that use wry humor, clean and fun designs, and wit. The combination is irresistible eye-catching stuff. I think they are designed to get people’s attention while you wander the parks, and each of their items seems like the sort of thing that random strangers might comment on as they walk by–which, let’s be honest, is part of the fun and a part of the reason to buy them. 

Since they are third-party, they obviously don’t use trademarked Disney designs or characters, but they are savvy enough to create things that leave no doubt.

They have a Facebook store ( and a website (

You’ll find T-shirt sizes from XS to XL (usually $25), and lapel-style pins for $12. Orders over $30 get free domestic shipping.

These guys take it a step further. They are truly “by fans, for fans” here. Check out the specifics:

  • The inspiration for the company was that Walt loved trains (check out the logo!)
  • One owner (Steve) has an extensive background in production working for credible networks like MTV, HGTV, Food Network, Telemundo. The other owner just received a degree in design from a local institution.
  • All items are packaged in hand-stamped packages, wrapped carefully, and personalized with a letter. There’s something totally unique and cool with that!!!

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